The Best Canopy Tours Within 3 Hours Drive From Atlanta

Canopy tours give more adventurous fulfillment than just going on sightseeing. The fun that awaits you in canopy tours is much more than you can imagine. A lot of outfits provide this service but the quality of the fun varies for different outfits. If you are a resident of Atlanta or you intend to travel to Atlanta soon, here are the best and most wonderful canopy tours in and around Atlanta within a 3 hour drive.

Treetop Quest –

Here you will climb, swing from tree to tree like a monkey and even jump like them. The most interesting part of the tour is flying for miles on zip lines. The highest level of safety standards is followed in all the activities. The whole series of activities usually lasts for about two and half hours.

Treetop Quest is closed in January, February & December and it is open mostly at weekends during the other months.

Historic Banning Mills –

This outfit is adjudged to be the world’s largest zip line canopy tour & adventure destination. So, apart from several zip line tours, it also offers numerous adventures.

Unfortunately, the thrilling experience of these tours is not for everyone.

To enjoy it, you must be able to climb towers of heights between 65 feet and 150 feet. You must also be able to maintain good walking balance as you will have to walk on uneven terrain. It is important that you listen and adhere strictly to instructions for safety reasons.

Lake Lanier Canopy Tours –

This outdoor adventure service facility is located inside Lanier Islands Resort. They offer a network of zip lines, canopy platforms and suspension bridges. There are different canopy tours like the Pine Isle tour, Legacy canopy tour and the Express canopy tour that lasts for about one hour. To even boost the fun, guests can challenge one another in different adventurous competitions. Imagine having to fly over Lake Lanier.

Zip Blue Ridge –

This outfit offers a great zip line course. Zip Blue Ridge has more than 6,000 feet of cable. That is how long guests can fly. This gives guests, room to fly for miles all over the Blue Ridge Mountains. The fun does not lie only in flying but also what you will be flying over like pastures and valleys.

North Georgia Canopy Tour –

This outfit offers two main tour plans – The Adventure tour and Sky Bridge tour. The former lasts for three hours of flying on a zip line while the latter lasts for just two hours. Can you beat flying over North Oconee River, several nature walks and Sky bridges? This is the least of what you will enjoy on the tour.

If you have never gone on any canopy tour, you have not really had fun.

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