How To Plan A Camping Retreat In The Lap Of Nature

One movie that intrigued me the most and inspired me in many ways to embark on a solo camping journey is “Wild”. And it is not the same with “into the wild”, another favorite among the world nomads. The movie depicts a recently divorced woman starting on a journey of self discovery across the great American continent. She does that with elan with all the survival kit saved in her backpack and strategically learning how to manage it better in the course of time. However you do not need to worry for that same ordeal. This article is likely to throw some light on your much coveted adventure trip with a bit of thoughtful planning.

Choose A Site

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Even though it might sound a bit cliche, but choosing a great campsite with the bare minimum requirement is a prerequisite rather than wandering into wilderness. True you shall be tempted to take up the challenging route and make it as adventurous as possible; however the true spirit of camping is to live life close to the nature in its simple form. Research and compare about the camp site you are considering and check for the facilities you feel are incumbent for your stay before committing with one. No point in securing a stay at a place only to regret later.

Plan, Re-Plan & Execute

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We cannot foresee what’s coming next and probably that is what keeps most of us going, the urge to explore the unknown. However tame your spirit a bit before finalizing the camping trip for a drive to and the way back the site shall compel you to chalk out the route, availability of furl on the go, stock up for future replenishment, carrying a first aid kit and many more. It is always wise to be prepared for come what may, so the spirit remains truly daunting! A good plan is your best friend, do remember that.

Sustain & Grow

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The woods are for all of us. You need to keep it clean and litter free for the next group to come. Hopefully they will appreciate your gesture and do the same for the upcoming camp dwellers. That is the only way to make it into a better world, really! “Always leave the site cleaner than when you arrived.”

Meal Checklist

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Be assured there is no way you will be served a warm dinner by the ever smiling service personnel. The idea is to live by your own and you get to make arrangement for your upkeep. Food is essential in the process and before you head out for the next trip, you better keep a check list handy that details all the necessary ingredients you shall require for these days. In case you forget, let us assume, salt, you will be left to survive to gorge on tasteless food for the duration of the stay. Hence we cannot emphasis enough on how important making check lists are, prior to your travel.

Camping never complies with the stringent rules of a luxury holidays where accommodation sleek and amenities galore with choice of gourmet options. However, the rustic nature and closeness to it is to be felt from the core of your heart in each camping trip. As a traveler a robust camping experience not only adds a heightened awareness of to your surrounding but also emphasizes majorly on what learning sustainable way to travel, needless to say you get to experience nature and a place in its true form and appreciate it more than the made up retreats.

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