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Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit this page. I am Sai, the wizard beyond the travel blog Romancing The Planet.

After going through the page, you will find out that it is definitely worth it. Jump Trek Surf is an travel adventure blog that informs you on great adventure ideas, destinations and gears. It gives you up-to-date information on several adventure locations that I have been to personally.

Three gaps led to the creation of this blog. The first of all is that most people believe vacationing is only about visiting great places for sightseeing and lodging in 5-star hotels. Of course, these are parts of vacationing and tourism but what really gives a memorable experience are the activities you engage in and not only what you see.

The second gap is the fact that the greatest tourist locations and vacation sites do not get so much publicity. There are much better places than the locations that are being advertised all over the internet.

The third gap is that the information given about tourist locations are usually obsolete because most travel agencies don’t update their sites as regularly as they should. So, some of these information can be misleading to travelers.

Jump Trek Surf is meant to bridge all the gaps with the most recent information. The blog will be updated regularly so you should be sure of all the information you are getting. When you visit the site regularly, you will not only get the most recent information about popular vacation locations, you will also learn about places you never knew existed.

A lot of travel sites are promoters because they earn commissions on any booking that comes through their site. Naturally, they will be promotional in their presentation. This makes them exaggerate the positive features of the places they are promoting. They raise the hope of travelers so high that what the travelers get to enjoy will never match what they had read earlier. Jump Trek Surf will not exaggerate facts. Things will be said exactly as they are.

Jump Trek Surf does not depend only on internet researches, firsthand information are collected from those who have really visited each site recently. So, for each location you read on the blog, you should be sure all information are 100 percent correct. In fact, for a particular location, Jump Trek Surf will not accept accounts of visitors whose last visit to the place is older than 6 months.

There are many locations for camping, hiking, mountain climbing, surfing and a lot of activities but most of them are not advertised or publicized. In fact, some of these locations are closer to you than you ever thought. Just visit the blog regularly and you will be well- informed.

This blog will be as informative and up-to-date as possible. So, you should follow it as religiously as possible, especially when your vacation is just around the corner. You will be glad you did.

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