Surfing In Hawaii – The Top Surfing Spots Revealed

The 50th state of the USA, Hawaii is also famous as the birthplace of Hawaii. The indomitable passion to beat the enigmatic waves of Atlantic and fly high, the art of surfing: it all started from the archipelago of Hawaii. There are beaches apt to head for be the season summer or winter. There are waves apt to be played by the first timers. Even if you are a pro, on the other hand, do not take the water lightly The underlying current of the waves can take even a pro’s life if precautions are not practiced properly.Meanwhile, as we can see the rising demand for accommodation on the beaches of this marine paradise, we recommend you to look for Hawaii vacation homes. With the assurance of a roof on the head in place within varied budget options and ensured comfort, you can comfortably sway your mind in surfing in Hawaii.

We have tried to list down the best surfing spots by the beaches of Hawaii. The popular destination is so much more than regular water sports, other activities and glamorous hotel accommodations. It harbours the best of the current stream in the world, making it a surfers’ paradise that challenges you conscious senses, makes you play on top of the waves and emerge an obvious winner.

Surfing In Hawaii


Jaws, Maui

or those of you seeking the maximum thrill, we suggest surf at Jaws (Pe’ahi in Hawaiian). The quintessential biggest and baddest surf spot in the whole of Hawaii. For your information, waves sometime touch the height of 120 ft. Prior to the advent of tow-in surfing, the reef break was mostly way out of the reach to surfers. However ever since the expedition by Laird Hamilton, even the inexperienced surfers have started to crowd the beach to seek the thrill of surfing.

Laniakea, Oahu

Often known as the the world’s biggest waves, Oahu’s North Shore is pretty famous among the surfers. With that, Laniakea is revered as the the best point break on the coastline. What surfers love the most about this spot are strong currents and the nearly exposed reef bottom at low tide. True it makes the spot dicey at times. However, Laniakea is also home to the home to the sea turtles. Who knew surfing in Hawaii will give you a chance to encounter marine life?

Banzai Pipeline, Oahu

When waves break onto the shallow reef at Bonzai Beach, they form some of the gnarliest tubes anywhere in the world. Newbies are advised to stay well clear of what is usually simply referred to as the “Pipeline” or “Pipe,” and even pros have met their end among its waves. Tahitian Malik Joyeux is just one of five surfers killed there in the past eight years.

Castles, Oahu

Originally known as Kalehuawehe, this spot was renamed for the home of Samuel Northrop, the 19th century missionary turned businessman whose “castle” was once a prominent Waikiki landmark. Castles is where Duke Kahanamoku, the Hawaiian who can be called the Babe Ruth of surfing (and five time Olympic medalist in swimming), reportedly rode a wave for more than a mile in 1917. His statue now graces the beach.

Ke’ei, Kealakekua Bay (Big Island)

If you were thinking Hawaii’s main island was devoid of any surfing spot, think again. Ke’ei Beach is one of the greatest surfing spots of the region. Add to that, for your delight, it is lesser explored hence the regular crowd is minimal. The waves are not as huge as those of Jaws however there is a 300 yard long stretch of underwater reef . Result? You shall get long, consistent rides when the conditions are on your favour. Personally I love this beach and have stayed here in rented vacation homes to continue with my surfing sojourns. This beach attracts lot of surfers with character. Print any of these svg images on your surfboard and be the coolest one among them.

Honolua Bay (Maui)

On the North Shore of Maui’s lies the bay of Honolua. The Bay has not a substantial beach however it surprises you with great spots for snorkelling as well as swim in the deep blue water. During winter, because of the swells, big bad waves are formed facilitating an assured spot for surfing.

Lopa Beach (Lanai)

Lopa Beach is notorious for harboring the meanest of the waves. The sea floor is rocky and ha caused injury to numerous number of surfers in recent times. It is strongly suggested that inexperienced surfers and swimmers stay away from this beach. That said, those who love surfing the challenges o big waves, Lopa beach presents an unprecedented charme to tame the nature in its raw, unbridled form.

Hanalei Bay (Kauai)

The beach of hanalei bay, otherwise known as Kauai, is one of the best in the United States. Surfing in Hawaii is so much fun when you start from this two mile long, crescent shaped land mass with golden sands. compared to Hawaii’s better known and popular surf spots, it receives lesser footfall and less explore. The Bay however experiences some of the best current stream for surfing. The water is comparatively calmer in summer, only to swell during winter season, facilitating a great surfing experience. Do not forget to get enough of the stunning view of Kauai’s gorgeous mountains as you climb the top of the swelling waves.

Ala Moana Beach

A beach park spreading across an area of 76 acres, west of Waikiki spots like Castles and Canoes, Ala Moana Beach is one of the best spots for surfing in Hawaii. The waves here hit a shallow ground to form a swell, big bowls and crowded line ups as well. The 200 yard long reef needs to be paddled up. While we agree tha to be a tiring process, we also want to ensure the view is completely worth it.

With the spots listed above, and must more nascent beaches, unexplored from the popular touristy trail, Hawaii is the perfect spot for all water sports lovers. Visit the ethereal beauty of marine side, Spend a few days to relax, to rejuvenate your soul. Feast on the alohas and lush scenic beauty of the world. Once you are sated, go on to unleash your adventurous soul. Surf in the amazing current of the sea. Come victorious. Incase you are a veteran let us know your secret and the best beaches you would suggest for a beginner. For the beginners, who would love to learn more on the tricks of surfing, trust the skilful instructors of Hawaii. Once trained, you can surely brag for being the pro at surfing in Hawaii with elan.

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