How You Need To Prepare For Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Arguably, Annapurna base camp trek is one of the best experiences anyone can ever have in Nepal. But not until the quest has been completed, there will always be thousands of questions to ask.

Whether you are a seasoned or unseasoned trekker, preparing for Annapurna base camp trek does not seem so hard. As a matter of fact, it’s a relatively easy type of trek. As long as you are a normal person with a good health condition, you can easily go for this trek.

In terms of altitude, Annapurna trekking is quite easy and absolutely amazing even without a technical climbing. However, the constant experience of ups & downs in the Himalayas can be quite a challenge. But for a closer view of tall peaks that are above 7000 meters of height, this popular trek can present quite enough adventure.

Nevertheless, there is the need for adequate preparation to successfully accomplish this task. As part of your pre-tip preparations, here are certain things you need to do before embarking on the great trek.

Check your health status

It is highly recommended that you visit your local doctor and perform a medical health check before even flying to Nepal. Let your doctor examine you and certify you fit before embarking on the trip. If there are any shots you need to take for vaccination, please do. You would not want to come and be disappointed due to certain unfavorable health conditions.

Get physically fit

Depending on your interest level and nature of timetable in the steeper and higher side treks, it can be shorter and easier or even longer and more difficult to trek the Annapurna. To this end, it is quite beneficial to spend quality time in higher altitudes and engage in some trekking activities prior to early enough. You need to ensure that you are both injury-free and active for the exercise.

Plan for accommodation

As the altitude increases, accommodation becomes very basic. Along the way, you will find guesthouses that tend to support trekkers with basic accommodation. That’s why it’s referred to as a teahouse treks. There are certain guesthouses that provide accommodation at a very low cost of about $4 USD (400 NRP).

Plan for your necessities

Whether you want to buy cheap knockoffs in Kathmandu or you want to bring your own quality gear from home you need to ensure that you are well prepared for the trek by equipping yourself with all the required trekking equipment. They include footwear, hiking gear, clothing, jacket, a good backpack and so on.

Overall Annapurna base camp trek is not as difficult as it seems, as it doesn’t require any advanced physical fitness level. When preparing for this trek, just try to be a normal person; always remember to be in a
good health condition.

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