Celebrate Local Festivals With Your Family in Coorg

Situated amidst misty landscapes and enormous mountains, Coorg is the ideal place for nature lovers. This beautiful hill station is not only extremely popular for its emerald greenery, coffee plantations & streams that cut right through them, but also for the festivals in Coorg.

festivals in coorg

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Officially known as Kodagu, Coorg is the most affluent hill station in Karnataka. Apart from its picturesque locales and exciting tourist spots, it is also incredibly popular because of its unique culture.

If you plan to visit this quaint hamlet and want to add adventure and thrill to your list of things to do in Coorg, ensure you visit the beautiful towns of Virajpet, Khushalnagar, Gonikoppal, Madikeri and Somwarpet. Traversing through these places will not only make your trip memorable, but also allow you to indulge in some colorful festivals celebrated here, which largely revolve around military activities and agriculture. Some of the popular festivals in Coorg are as follows.


Pattadakal Dance Festival

Also known as ‘Chalukya Dance Festival’, this is an event organised by the government of Karnataka. Held amidst the famous Shiva temples, it takes place once a year in the month of January. The festival is a three-day affair designed to revive the beautiful forms of traditional art that have faded due to globalization. If you are an art lover, you’re bound to love this unique event.

Thai Pushyam

This festival commemorates the victory of Lord Murugan and is celebrated on a full moon night in January. It is a ten-day event that assembles devotees, mostly dressed in yellow and orange, from around the country. Together, they perform the ‘Kavadi’ ritual and make their offerings.


This is a popular festival celebrated around the country. However, in Coorg, India, the youth dress up in leaves and other costumes and make a visit to every home in the night to collect rice and money. Special pujas are performed and the temples are beautifully lit up.

Madikeri Dusshera

This festival is quite similar to the ‘Mysore Dasara’. During this occasion, the Madikeri town in Coorg, invites people from around the city to gather and see the ‘Theru’ (decorated structures of Gods from particular temples in Madikeri) and indulge in other entertainment activities.


This is another traditional harvest festivals in Coorg, which is observed in November or early December. It is basically celebrated to thank the Gods for the harvest and a plentiful year.

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