Top 4 Skydiving Spots in The USA For Adrenaline Rush

Do indulge in extreme freefalls once you are done with the incessant party scene, unbound fun & frolic and ushering in the marvels of nature in USA. The Skydiving experience remains one of the major adrenaline rush for those willing to risk it all atop 15,000 to 20,000 feet high and glance through crystal clear water of the soaring mountains.

Skydiving is available all throughout the globe however reason why USA stands tall is lower risk and incredible view point. The federal government allows dive business only if the gears in use are perfect shape and possess least of threat to the jumpers. However a bit of risk is always adjoined, with this activity in particular, but still so is the extreme fun that can never be tasted with anything else.

Skydiving tandem couple exit PC6 Porter by Miroslav Čižmešija on

Following are the choicest of dive points where you should experience the freefall. The sight, the fall, the sheer pleasure and scenic glimpses of earth, they all make up for the experience as a whole. Add to that the newest video technology which will be recording your expressions and every movement. A memory it is indeed, to cherish forever.

Grand Canyon, U.S.A – The labyrinth of old rocks and a mystic river always make up for one of the best mystic places in the world. The option to experience freefall is present right at the heart of Grand Canyon as well to provide for an added thrill. The world rounds up at the backdrop of bright yellow as the rope takes you for an exhilarating fall. The south rim of the national park is one of the widest, deepest and most vibrant part of the natural park area.

Aerial View of the Grand Canyon by Phil Bird LRPS CPAGB on

Anchorage, Alaska – The snow capped mountains, northern lights and vastness of Arctic, all of this conjure up Alaska’s wilderness. Amid this remoteness, arrangements have been made to free fall from a height of 10,000 feet. Mt. McKinley’s cap; the Denali range; the Knik glacier and many more lies somber to astonish you from the higher altitude. It easily goes up the list of best sky dives in the world . Opt for a clear summer day to make the most of it!

Waialua, HawaiiHawaii is famed for the luxury resorts, scenic beaches and party life. At the northern shore, tie up with one of the veteran company and freefall at the backdrop of an azure earth.

Key West, Florida – The initial blow will not be easy. But once you stable down, do look out for the Earth below adorned gleefully with Florida reef, Key West and many more. Once your parachute opens, watch out for dolphins & other wildlife below and smile at the recording device!

parachute by somchai Kongkamsri on

All of them sure make up for some of the most breathtaking views of the world. Least to say about the exotic feel of a freefall, that scares you, tames you and leaves you triumphant at the end of the day!

Have you tried any among the above list? Or will you love to share your share of diving thrills at some other parts of the world? Leave your though at the comments section!

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