These Are Pacific Ocean’s 5 Best Surfing Spots

Volcanoes with Rings of Fire from the middle of Pacific evokes awe as well as adrenaline rush. To tame the sea with your surfing kit is an accomplishment in itself!

The islands in Pacific are home to impressive coral reefs and contribute to alluring wave breaks. Here is an account of the much coveted surfing spots in Pacific you need to know before paying a visit.


Teahupoo by julien boissieres on

The small island from the archipelago of French Polynesia, Tahiti is arguably the most wave rich zone of the world. The summer swells from Hawaii, wraps past the reefs and atolls with walled waves, befitting the beginners. However the best season for surfing starts at the advent of winter. Sparse beach breaks allow surfs to swell up unimaginable high. Visit there to experience the phenomena.

Paupa New Guinea

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Add to incredible surfing, Papua New Guinea remains as the last bit of paradise in the world with picturesque beaches. The island houses many tribes of varied customs, coastal plains, flooded delta regions, mangrove swamps and many more wonders. It is wise to team up with Perfect Wave, a preferred member of Surfing Association in Papua New Guinea with a yearly fee to encourage a sustainable tourism development model of the area, aiming at the locals. The number of surfers allowed in the area is kept under a check to control ecological balance.

Chicama, Peru

Surfer in Chicama... by Jaime García on

Nestled between the borders of Lima and Chicama, the sea here often offers the tallest of waves. On a good day, you can expect to rid 3 to 5 different waves on the sea. Chicama’s main break is El Point, easy to identify as the biggest protrusion from the long line of the cape. This is where most surfers intend to start their sessions, making a brisk short walk from town.

Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlán, Mexico by Tanja Mikolcic on

Rightly known as the pearl of the Pacific and the land of left point breaks, Mazatlan boasts of miles of astounding coastline. The charm of the land lies in exotic flora & fauna and inhabitant tribesmen with their age old insights of legends and mystery. The tropical climate makes the water suitable for those swelled up ride. Surf here at ease. It is the spot in Mexico not much known to the world outside yet harbors helpful guides. From beginners to experts, everyone will find a spot here from powerful and very long left-point breaks, to fun and hollow beach breaks. Visit during the month of April through September, when the large south swells push through.

Half Moon Bay, California

Waiting for clearance by Jorge Pereira on

Big-wave surfers can make merry at the famed big-wave reef at Pillar Point at the Half Moon Bay in the American state of California with primarily a right, but the left swells have been ridden by brave hearts too. The bay harbors some of the scariest of waves with shark attacks (delivering fatal injuries as reported) and the biggest swells, a series of house-sized boulders known as “The Boneyard”.

These are some of the endeared surfing spots in the world surfing community. However sores of Bali, Japan and any other Pacific coast line has amazing swells galloping, yet to be explored by a larger crowd. Do let us now if you are aware of any of such hidden jewels.

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