Top 4 Outdoor Adventures In Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a small town in Cambodia, known for its proximity to the ruined temples of Angkor region. It is a gateway to the ruins of the Khmer Empire and one of the most traveled destinations in Southeast Asia.

Cambodia has a rich culture and history which is etched in time. Heart of the Khmer Kingdom, Siem Reap is an archaeological and historical splendor. Although it’s the famed Angkor Wat temple complex which attracts most of the tourists to Siem Reap, but there is more to this town.

Your trip to this town would be incomplete without the adventure activities which have increasingly become the highlight of the trip to Siem Reap. These tours take you off the beaten path and show you the real way of living!

Here are the top adventures you can take up at Siem Reap.

Quad Adventure Cambodia – When in Siem Reap, you must try the quad bike ride. The quad bikes are specially designed off road vehicles that cope with all kind of terrain. Go for an unforgettable off road experience among the rice paddies and traditional villages. The original quad-bike operator in town, Quad Adventures Cambodia offers various different packages to choose from. However, it is recommended that you book in advance as they are quite popular and busy during the peak seasons. Make sure you keep your hands on the handlebars of your ATV at all times, as you ride on the muddy rural roads on the outskirts of Siem Reap. The tour guide riding ahead of you will guide you along the way as you explore the ruins of the town on wheels!

Vespa Adventures – The popular and stylish Vespa bikes have been the transportation of choice of regions including Vietnam, Laos and parts of Cambodia. Vespa Adventures in Siem Reap, offers various tours wherein you can ride through the streets Siem Reap on the back of Vespas. Their fleet includes over 100 restored vintage Vespas. One of the tour packages offered by Vespa Adventure is the ‘after dark food tour’. This tour takes you on a food expedition where you are invited to see and taste exotic Khmer cuisine. Zooming around the streets of Siem Reap at night on your Vespa will surely give you ample stories as you return home.

Angkor Zipline – If you are someone who likes to take things a notch above, you must try the zipline tours offered by Angkor Zipline. Angkor Zipline has built its famous zipline courses in the most remote and beautiful real rainforest, allowing you to fly through the trees. Located in the heart of the Angkor Archaeological Park, Angkor Zipline is a multi-activity eco-adventure park. Angkor Zipline has secured partnerships with the finest day tour operations in Siem Reap and have constructed a thrilling and safe eco-adventure. Experience the thrill as you soar on ziplines in Angkor area, traverse suspended sky bridges and abseil from towering trees of the rainforest.

Cycling Countryside Tour – You can experience the quintessential Cambodian adventure by discovering the town’s natural wonders on a bicycle tour. Ride on and off the beaten track and explore the countryside of Siem Reap. You can enjoy the dramatic scapes and a delightful view of lush green forests as you paddle you way to Siem Reap. Triple A Cambodia provides you various cycling tour packages at fairly economical cost. They provide you a bicycle for a day and you cycle along the red soil roads through some splendid villages. You can stop and interact with the villagers or try your hands at traditional Khmer daily fish trading. The package cost usually includes food, drinks, transport, guide/driver, entrance fees and bicycle rental.

So, here are some of the adventures you could try on your next trip to Siem Reap. Have a great experience there and come back with fun filled memories. Stay at some of the best boutique hotels in Siem Reap. You could book a room at the Tresor d’Angkor Suite as it not only offers accommodation options but the staff too is sweet and guest-friendly. The travel alternatives, the beautiful vistas and adventure shenanigans makes Siem Reap a must visit holiday destination.

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